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Emerging Tools for RNA-based Biocomputing

RNA-based biocomputing, and even biocomputing as a whole, are fields that are in their early stages of development. With scientists just starting to incorporate circuit theory and boolean algebra, it is important that we examine computer and engineering models of current understandings in silicon designs.


Our general project consisted of other aims; including composing a literature review focusing on RNA-based biocomputing, and developing an environment/platform that allows users to virtually design RNA-based gene circuits for future biocomputing applications. This design tool would allow users to create and design regulatory networks which allows for the visualization of circuit designs. The design tool would also have the ability to simulate these gene networks by having consistent design and simulation rules to standardize the construction of RNA-based gene network models.


It is important to highlight that although similar design softwares do exist, it was recognized early on the unique value of creating this software platform. By having uOttawa students create (and ‘own’) this virtual simulation tool from the ground up it allows for possible future development, and improvement of the design software and full complete access and reliability, which will be further discussed in the technical report.

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