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The purpose of the Health Impact Project is to improve health literacy in local South Asian and Black communities. Fostering health literacy involves educating on various health related topics such as treatment methods and pathologies, medical terminology, patients’ rights, as well as stigmatized topics. Multiple factors such as socioeconomic barriers, digital and language divide, cultural and historical factors, and a lack of accessible resources play a role in the development of certain gaps experienced by communities. It should be noted that when addressing the roots of health illiteracy, one must be akin to the rich historical and cultural nuances that exist. Our goal is not to foster a sense of trust in the health care system or denounce personal beliefs amongst community members. Rather, the Health Impact Project aims to empower community members in making educated decisions regarding their personal health from credible research. 


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Designed a live in-person workshop on General Cancer Screening. Its purpose is to encourage community members to participate in screening to prevent late diagnosis. It also promotes patient advocacy and delivers information on available resources. 

General Cancer Screening Workshop

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Supplementary Handbook

Created a post-workshop supplementary handbook including a summary sheet and a resource sheet. It was meant to bridge the digital divide by giving audience members access to workshop and resource information. 

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Social Media Presence

Began our social media presence on Instagram with the intentions of promoting our project, and provide digital access to our content. 

Follow us on Instagram @healthimpactproject

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Our Team

The faces behind the project. 

We are a group of volunteers and students at the University of Ottawa working to make healthcare more accessible for everyone. 

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