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BioCareers Workshops
Become a Workshop Facilitator
Pay it forward


Students who have completed the BioCareers Workshops program can apply to become workshop facilitators

Workshop facilitators are committed to:

  • Help students in their group complete all required learning activities, 

  • Organize a BioCareers Workshops series at their post-secondary institution, 

  • Contribute to the recruitment of participants.

  • Participate in facilitator training and workshop preparations,

  • Monitor student progress and sign certificates of completion,

  • Improve the quality and content of the workshops.

To be considered as a workshop facilitator, applicants must be:

  • An alumni of the BioCareers or BioExperience program,

  • Registered as a student at a post-secondary student in Canada, and 

  • Endorsed by a current or former BioCareers workshop facilitator (or by BioGroupe Canada).

A workshop series is run by a team of at least three facilitators, who are responsible for the scheduling and delivery of sessions, and for signing up participants. A workshop series must have at least 4 but no more than 8 participants such that a team with four facilitators must sign up 16-32 participants.

Workshop facilitators are BioGroupe Canada volunteers and are eligible for an honorarium. The honorarium is $120-$240 per session, depending on the number of participants, refunded tickets, cancelled sessions, etc., and is shared among facilitators of that group. CRA rules dictate that an honorarium cannot exceed $500 per year.

Become a Group Facilitator

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