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In The Lab

Building a uOttawa Biotechnology Learning and Innovation Centre

The BioMakerSpace is an ambitious initiative and is pursued with the focus of students providing students with opportunities to learn, apply knowledge, grow personally and professionally, and to become successful biotechnology leaders of tomorrow.

To encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, continuous learning, and skill development within the field of biotechnology, we propose to build the uOttawa BioMakerSpace as an ecosystem where students can gain laboratory and manufacturing skills, quality control and assurance skills and scientific writing skills. We envision it will comprise a revenue-generating BioStartUp 'business' together with a physical (in real life, IRL) and a online (ONL) BioMakerSpaces. The BioStartUp aims to manufacture low-cost laboratory equipment and reagents that will be 'sold' to research and teaching labs. The revenue generated will be used to improve existing products and introduce new ones to the market, and to support activates in the IRL and ONL BioMakerSpaces.

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