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BioGroupe Canada is a non-profit organization supporting Canada's growing bioeconomy
Our mission is to help develop the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs, innovators,  researchers, and policy-makers to lead the coming biotechnology revolution.

About Us

BioGroupe Canada's purpose is to help post-secondary students be better prepared for careers in bioscience, biotechnology, bioengineering, and biomedicine (BIOSTEM), including professional and research-based graduate programs. 

Our student-centered activities use small-group and team-based approaches where participants acquire new skills through creative and imaginative problem-solving, collaboration, and engagement with peers. Many are student-organized and student-led, and this "students helping students get ahead" principle allows us to deliver high-quality and effective talent development at a low cost.

The BioExperience Research and Entrepreneurship

BioCareers Skills Development Workshops

Looking forward hearing from you! Industry, academic and community partners

Students and other volunteers

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